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The Club began in 1935, when a group of sportsmen and women contemplated the challenge of developing a golf links next to the sand dunes of Mount Maunganui (at which time had a population of 450 residents).

Land was offered free of rent by Horace Barker, with the only stipulation that the course should be known as Brandonmere Links. Mr C Redhead, then New Zealand's only acknowledged golf architect, drew up plans free of charge at the invitation of his friend Fraser Baddeley, the then Captain, Secretary and Course Superintendent.

At first there were only 9 holes, then 13. Just before the Second World War, the full 18 holes were completed. In 1941, 200 acres of Horace Barker's land (including the golf course) was sold and subdivided, and the Club went out of existence until 1947 when 92 acres was purchased by a trust. The course was re-designed by Mr Harry Dale and has maintained basically the same general format for the last 60 years.  The club even used his house as a clubhouse until 1952.

The development of the Club over time, is due to the efforts, mostly voluntary, of its members. A superbly designed Clubhouse was opened in 1998 and future development of the course and facilities is constantly upgraded.